Quality Improvement

Systematically improve the way care is delivered to patients.

Better Care and Healthier People

Alliant ASO provides evidence based, quality improvement tools and methods to accelerate the rate of improvement in health care delivery. Our quality improvement initiatives include individual patient care improvement, integrating care across settings, and improving health for populations and communities. Alliant ASO’s areas of focus across the care continuum are within patient safety, readmissions reduction, chronic disease management and prevention, and the reducing health disparities.

We strategically combine data analytics with clinical specialists to produce a network of connections among data points. The combination of clinical and analytical minds, omits silo environments and opens up to a more collaborative platform amongst data teams.

Alliant ASO provides a complete, comprehensive and integrated platform of quality improvement tools and methodology to help you streamline workflow processes, pinpoint critical problems, and generally work to accelerate the rate of quality improvement of health care delivery.

Our quality improvement tools, facilitated through a set of software applications and operational approaches, help you determine process capability and reduce waste for your business. At Alliant ASO, we are committed to providing solutions and resources that enable you to continuously improve your performance and deliver high quality health care by providing access to the most up-to-date quality improvement techniques in the health care field today.