Managed Care

Services Customized to Meet the Needs of Managed Care Entities

Alliant ASO works closely with Medicaid managed care entities and commercial health plans to support priorities such as the Triple Aim, Social Determinants of Health, improper utilization of services and fraud/waste/abuse. In addition, Alliant ASO supports health plans with provider engagement and education to reinforce provider expectations for performance thus benefitting the quality of care and improving outcomes for your members.

Supporting the Triple Aim

Better Care, Smarter Spending, Healthier People

Lower Cost of Care

Reduce improper utilization and achieve savings.

Improve Quality of Care

Achieve better care and improve member outcomes

Ensure Compliance

Improve provider adherence to requirements of government regulations and the health plan contract.

Reduce Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Identify providers needing additional follow-up to reduce improper billing and utilization practices

Provider Engagement

Improve provider engagement with data and reports that enhance interactions

Watch how we supported a Medicaid managed care organization to achieve the Triple Aim:

ASO Identifies Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Click here to see how ASO identifies fraud, waste & abuse.

Understanding the Triple Aim

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Applied Behavior Analysis & Triple Aim

Click here to see how Alliant ASO supports the Triple Aim.


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